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1.Full-service in the influencer marketing process

CARICE helps Canadian brands through every stage of the influencer marketing process, from influencer discovery, through influencer management, assisting with content creation, to analyzing and reporting on a campaign's success.

Influencer discovery

Every influencer is the talent to sell one or some kinds of products. And each influencer has a Live-Room in special social media platforms.  We will select the right influencer who focuses on this kind of product to Canadian SMEs, and if the social media platform his/her Live-Room can reach the right customers interested in this kind of product. 

Ms. Chen is very familiar with influencers in China and she knows what kind of goods the influencer specializes in selling. She is good at negotiating with influencers to get a valued sales plan.

Influencer marketing strategy and marketing plan

 The marketing plan includes

1) who your target customers are to

2) how you will reach them by influencers, livestreaming and e-commerce platform

3) how you will retain your customers so they repeatedly buy from you

4) assisting with content creation, to analyzing and reporting on a campaign's success.

Influencer management

We use software, such as Tapfiliate (https://tapfiliate.com/) to manage the brand's influencers. With Tapfiliate, we can fully embrace the powers of online media and partner with influencers to reach new audiences and promote their business. Easily set up the SMEs' own referral and influencer programs in just minutes with over 30 plug and play integrations for e-commerce and saas. 

2.Livestreaming E-commerce selling

The company plans to touch the Chinese customer through social media platforms, such as Tik Tok, Kwai, Xiaohongshu, Taobao Live, JD.com. We will select the talent influencers to sell the products to their followers. The influencers will get the commissions from the revenue which is about 20% of the revenue. For the customers who live in Southeast Asia, we use AliExpress, Tik Tok to reach them. On the Tik Tok, we will hire some local influencers to sell the products.


Scocial Media Platform


Clothing, Beauty, Mother and Baby Products

Food, Beverage, Household Chemicals 

Tick tok

Food and Beverage, Beauty Cosmetics and Daily Chemicals


Taobao Live

Clothing, Beauty, Mother and Baby Products, Food, Jewelry, etc.


Brand products and high qualify




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